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Originally Posted by redcard View Post
I also have to gripe about the OTR system. I can be 7th in the country in Team Strength but I'm 22nd in OTR because I've finished 10th, 12th, 10th, and 10th in I.1 in four consecutive seasons. I have no hesitancy considering myself a top 10-12 team in the country and I feel my OTR should reflect that.
That was me in soccer two season's ago. I relegated and came back and now my 5th OTS team is more in that neighbourhood in OTR. In hockey I was low-OTR and medium-OTS and I relegated and played for several seasons in the second division. I now have the top OTS in the country (promoted back to I.1) but selling my older players and doing a rebuild has impacted my OTS (currently 10th).

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