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01-04-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
Can he be sent back after 10 games like last year? Because if Scheifele's the 13th forward, he's not going to be seeing a lot of ice. I don't even really agree with keeping him up to play a bottom 6 role at all. Not saying he's top-6-or-bust, but the team should be grooming him for top-6...not saddling him with 5 minutes of ice a night with Thorburn and Machacek on his wing.
perhaps i was a little too vehement with that. I believe if Schief shows he can play top 9(not 13, i was jumping the gun to make a point with sutter) in camp (regardless of how short it is), he will and should be kept up. Especially given how noel uses his minutes, if Schief can earn himself a spot on the sheltered ozone line then he most definitely should be up.

mostly my point was i really do not want to see undue weight being put on what he's done/shown this season if he comes in and has a good camp, and is our 8th best forward (or better). If you earn your spot in camp, you earn your spot, regardless of your track record prior.

though i can see the concern with the shortened camp/etc i think he should be fine. Another thing tokeep in mind, is that i think schiefele's balance issues (though issues- do not get me wrong) are amplified by being one of "the" guys on the team (thus far more heavily targeted). If he's playing on the second -third line with better players then himself, he's not going to get the focus he has and i don't think his balance will be as much of a hindrance as it may seem.

mostly though, i just meant that training camp should be what determines whether he starts up or down, not his performance this season. His performance this year will determine whether they invite him to camp (he's on the list, doesn't mean he must go, just that he can) what he does in camp will determine if he gets his 10 games, and that of course will determine if he stays up. i should have just said that at the top of the post...

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