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01-03-2013, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
He "writes" for Bleacher Report and is from Buffalo. I doubt he has any inside source just speculating due to Wiz possibly getting a 2nd interview. That being said I am ****ing done with this team if this turns out true. We interview 2 people so far (one black for the rooney rule) and we are already giving Wiz the job? And Brandon said with a straight face the search would leave no stone unturned? We have to be the worst ****ing disgrace of a franchise. I pray to god when the team gets sold that it is to someone who A. Will keep team in Buffalo and B. Absolutely clean house and fire every one of these vile snakes. Get Russ Brandon, Jeff Littman, Overdorf and everyone else who has been holding this team back the hell out of here. Ralph sell the team please.

Russ Brandon; from selling tickets to Marlins games in Florida to running an NFL franchise ... And you wonder why we haven't made the playoffs this millennium and that barely anyone wants to come here.
You forced a point out of me to be raised. Why did Ralph not sell the team? Why did he only remove himself from operations?

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