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Originally Posted by smithy View Post
This is why I'm surprised the NHLPA is pushing so hard for a higher cap. For every vet getting $4.8M instead of $6M, there are ten guys making $1M and getting $800K who would (in the lower cap world) still have $1M because there would have been no need to reach into escrow. Higher cap in an escrow world allows the players who are currently signed to subsidize the unsigned players to receive larger contracts. Most of their membership should be opposed to this.

So, I guess the NHLPA must be confident that the $65M cap would not reach the escrow situation.
It doesn't just have to be 1 guy, that was just the example. Let's say a team is at $59MM and has room for 2 more players, that is $3MM each. It basically, helps the mid-level salary guys.

The top guys are going to get hit the hardest in escrow in terms of actual $, the bottom guys are going to get close to the minimum regardless of the numbers. Where it helps is the guys in the middle. At a $60MM cap, a middle of the road guy might get $2MM. With each team having an extra $5MM to spend, it could easily move him up to $3MM. They would need to lose at least 33% on escrow in order for that player to lose out. If they were losing 33% at $65MM, they are certainly going to be losing money at $60MM.

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