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01-04-2013, 09:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Lorenzo1000 View Post
OK here's the issue I have with the whole penalty for hiding HRR issue. Has any team ever even been accused of hiding HRR since the HRR related cap came into existence? I believe that they actually had the paperwork for a week as the league says and it was either overlooked by whoever the PA has proofing the legal docs or intentionally held back as ammunition by the Fehr bros.

Fehr is a master manipulator and he has a slew of under qualified, inexperienced and "emotional" based negotiators on hand. It's so easy for him to spin them into a frenzy of "us against the evil NHL owners" that it's just patently ridiculous.

I just don't get the whole situation at all. What did the players gain by hiring Fehr? They have had their "salad days" (look it up if you don't know) over the term of the last CBA. Salaries have risen to levels they've never seen before, HRR has increased every year and somehow they hire the one guy who is going to blow it all up and ruin the partnership they established with the league and the owners.

Why are the players actually even involved in the negotiations? They should have labour lawyers negotiating for them and report to a player's committee...sorry but Campoli, Doan, Hainsey, Parros et al are not qualified to do this work.
I somewhat agree on some Parts of this, but it seems odd that you highlight Parros as one of the "unqualified". If any player is qualified to be there, it's him.

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