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01-04-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by TheMicrowave View Post
For me, indie is where the songs have pretty simple drumming pattern (usually), kinda happy hippy tunes that makes you dance, and the singers don't have the greatest voices but they get their job done. It's really hard to explain to be honest but I don't really think bands' popularity has anything to do with the genre indie nowadays.

But then again, I might be completely wrong.
I wouldn't say you're completely wrong, in fact I have a hard time disagreeing with any one aspect of it - but the trouble is you could come up with five other different definitions I also couldn't disagree with.

I guess my problem is that while saying "indie" is effective in communicating the types of bands one means, it is pretty darned nebulous in terms of the actual type of music. One certainly wouldn't call Fleet Foxes and say Julie Doiron similar musically, but there they all are, "indie" artists.

Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
Its a pointless exercise to try to define what indie is. It's lost all meaning, but when you meet strangers and you tell them what kind of music you listen to, it's just simplest to say Indie because most people will understand what you are referring to even though its an awful label. That's why i use it.

I went a different route one time by saying "I like Alternative music". They then asked if i liked Tool or Linkin Park. Never again.
Yeah it is convenient shorthand. I still feel like a tool using the label, in fact I find describing my taste in music according to genre to be pretty hokey in any respects (and it invariably produces mostly "I like all genres" or "anything but _______" responses which aren't exactly useful). Not having a go at the OP, but it's just.. yeah.

Just to turn things around a bit from my attempts to subvert the OP's format.. one genre I am definitely into is Swedish pop music from the aughts. The Concretes, Jens Lekman, I'm From Barcelona, Love is All, The Tallest Man on Earth, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.. pretty prolific little country, they are.

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