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Originally Posted by Kevin8se7en View Post
I'd be willing to bet a lot against that statement.
Strome.. Zibby.. Scheif.. I can see where you are coming from. Hub on the other hand.. no way. 70pts in one of his first 2 seasons (unless he gets injured) i'd predict.

As for Sheif... I'd say he's a definite top 6 guy, but I don't know if he has the top end talent to be a 1st liner. I'm sure he will get the chance to be, but Idk what he will do with it.
This is pretty fair. As a jet fan, i wasn't happy with the Schiefele pick at the time, but the kids shown enough over the past year and a half to get me excited.

to me he seems almost a lock to be a top 6, but i think his top end potential is as a mid to lower level first liner, he certainly won't be a super star. one of the best 2centers's or a 1center where his wingers are better is how i see him, though i think his skills will make him an excellent fit between kane and wheeler, provided he can keep up with their level.

I feel bad for him because of the never ending Couturier comparison. Since 2000 most picks from 5-10th overall haven't become more then third liners (only 42% become 19+minute defencemen or 45+ point scorers and only 30% of 8th overalls do) so there's kind of an unfair expectation that he SHOULD be a star.

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