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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Interesting, I definitely don't focus on him or USA players in general, but have at least watched all their televised games, and felt like he was generally just "blending in", aside from the occasional flash. Obviously there are players on his team who are standing out more and grabbing the headlines, but I would have liked to see Galchenyuk be in that group of headliners before I felt like he could clearly be categorized as "NHL ready".
Agreed, he hasn't had as many headlines as some of his teamates, but he also hasn't gotten as many opportunities. But when he has, I've found that he's been very good personally. I don't think the quality of his linemates really emphasizes how well he thinks the game out there.

Take for example his last point, his assist to Barber on that goal...the way he walked into the slot, 95% of players in that position would of taken a shot and the goalie played the percentages on that too. But Gally knew exactly where Barber was and fed him a perfect pass at the perfect time. Looks like a simple play because he made it look so easy, but it's not a play many players, especially at that age, can make...but he consistently makes these types of reads. Unfortunately, on Team USA at least, his linemates haven't always been able to read what he's doing, I can just imagine how he'll look when he has an NHL-quality linemate playing next to him...

I think people tend to put too much of an emphasis on the WJC's, so there wasn't anything that Gally was going to do or not do, to make me change my opinion of him.

Well, I saw him more at 16 than at 18, and he was definitely not too good for the league at 16. Very good for a 16-year old. But not remotely too good for the league. Even now, he's a bona fide superstar in the OHL, but not "too good" for the league. Leagues have their superstars, it doesn't mean the superstar is too good for the league, the way I look at it. I don't know if playing 20+ minutes of superstar duty every night at the OHL level is better or worse for his development than 8 minutes a week of spot duty in the NHL (but practicing at NHL pace)... my guess is that it shouldn't matter much either way. His team isn't going on a deep playoff run in the OHL, nor likely in the NHL. It doesn't sound like he'll be traded in the OHL. If he gets any late season action in the AHL, they aren't going deep there either. Maybe there actually won't even be an NHL season, still, of course. I'm ok with whatever happens. Marc will be relieved to know that, I'm sure.
Fair statement...however, I think the last month and a half, Galchenyuk has shown that he's too good for this league. Maybe it's a hot stretch, and that's also a fair statement. But I think it's just his natural maturation as a player.

I personally think that these days...alot more 18-19yr olds are read for the NHL, but because of the eligibility rules, which are somewhat archaic if you ask me, they get stuck no man's land for 1 or 2 years.

Either way...we'll have to see how he performs at camp, all of this is moot until then.

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