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Originally Posted by jumptheshark View Post
Would TO support a second team not called the leafs? People assume they wull--but in talking with people from the TO area and the erea in Onterio being mentioned--they say they are leaf fans and would not supporty another team.

Why not move the blues? Horrible attendance right now?
The answer is yes, they would support a second team. The team would likely instantaneously and persistently be top 5 in revenues.

I dont think that that toronto is monolithically behind the leafs, there are a lot of fans who are tired of their lack of success, there are a lot of transplants from other cities. Even the leafs fans ( not the leafs themselves) want another team because that is likely the only thing that might be able to reduce demand such that leafs tickets arent 25% more than the second most expensive team in the league.

I honestly cannot understand how anyone would question the viability of toronto 2. Would they be as profitable as the leafs, not initially and mabey never. Will they be another altanta or phoenix, no.

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