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Originally Posted by Zip15 View Post
I'm not speaking in absolutes, so don't try to pin me to them. I think personnel is much, much, much more important than coaching. I certainly think there are good coaches and bad coaches. I think you can win with bad coaching/game-management (See Reid, Andy), especially if you have great personnel or a good/great QB (of which Buffalo has neither). I don't think you can win with poor personnel, regardless of the coach.

Buffalo had a bad coach and, overall, subpar personnel. My point to Bills fans is that you can bring back Lombardi or Bill Walsh and it won't matter if the players aren't of better quality.

Who said Whisenhunt is a mediocre coach? You? Would you have said Belichick is a mediocre coach after his 36-44 record in Cleveland? If this anti-Whis campaign in Buffalo is any indication, most probably would have. Would you have passed on John Fox because he went 2-14 in his final season in Carolina, and 73-71 overall? Would you have chalked up Tom Coughlin to an uninspiring choice after six seasons because he was merely 49-47 in Jacksonville?

Coaches careers aren't set in stone after six seasons. All I hear from my WNY friends are silly-ass arguments like "He lost to Gailey"--yeah, and Whis beat Belichick if we want to rely on one-game samples--or "Enough with the Pittsburgh connections"--people wouldn't hire Tomlin or Cowher if they became available tomorrow? I don't visit Bills' boards much, but I still haven't heard many good reasons why hiring Whis would be a bad idea. Is he a poor in-game coach? Do his teams quit on him? Are his tendencies terrible? I want to hear more of that, and less of the bumper-sticker analysis like "He lost to Chan."

Which he never would've had the opportunity to do if you were running things, because you wouldn't have hired him after Cleveland. Also, Minnesota won 10 games with Ponder, but I bet they won't sustain that; Cassell meanwhile was playing with a roster that went 18-1 the year prior.
So what are you getting at then, do you think Whisenhunt is a good choice? If so, sell me on him. I'd like to be excited.

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