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01-04-2013, 11:12 AM
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If you're talking about the mid-December flap, Bettman said the players flipped the discussion about pensions instead of make whole. Well, they are pretty much the same thing. Pensions were supposed to come out of the make whole payments but the players wanted it separate.

Players: "we'll take $300M in make whole but want $50M in additional pension payments"
NHL: "we'll give $300M in make whole including $50M for pension payments"

I've said before, and I'll say side gives in negotiations until they believe they have reached the best possible deal. I'm not convinced a deal could have been reached before the season started.

The difference between 57% and 50% share for the NHL could be $2 billion or more depending on revenues over this CBA. Give up $100-200M in profits this year for an addition up to $2 billion in profits over the next eight? That's a SMART investment.

So the NHL locked out the players, which is what makes sense from their side. Withhold their paychecks and make them sweat it out. See if they crack. Give them some mediocre offers and see if they bite. When they do, that's when you know what their limits are, and that's where you start serious negotiations. It's just as much the NHL sweating the players as the players sweating the NHL.

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