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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
Just FYI:

- Mathematically, doing a cap based on revenue medians rather than averages only makes a difference if you presume that the top teams will grow revenues disproportionately faster than the bottoms teams. So if Toronto doubles its revenue in the same time that Phoenix doubles its revenue, there's no difference between median and average (even though, in dollar for dollar terms, Toronto had much larger gains). You'd just be looking at a cap effectively at 46%, rather than 50%.

- The league has already promised to do much more revenue sharing than you're suggesting in terms of 1/4 to 1/3 of profits. If every team making a profit last year donated 33% of their profit to RS, you'd see about $120M in revenue sharing. As opposed to the $250M on the table now.
It's damn frustrating sometimes debating here when in one thread I make a point arguing that RS should be more, and then you supposedly clarify that it's already something like 66%. And then in the Lockout sticky thread (which is now closed)late last night a guy responds to me saying there needs to be better RS, something like the NFL, rather than the about 4.5% that there is in the NHL. That 4.5 % number I've seen before, but somebody has to be very wrong. Hell of a lot of difference between 4.5% and 66%.

Originally Posted by MoreOrr
And could you be a bit more specific about what "better revenue sharing" could look like... Like you know, % $ values...?
The NFL is at about more than 4.5% !!!!

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