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01-04-2013, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
I would hope that a metro area with four times the population and an extra 70 years of history with the NHL would be "a better long-term market".
then why the presumption that if chicago or the pens could do it then the jackets could ?

Could they ? sure. They could also go bust.

when I genuinely ask why it is people believe that columbus has the stuff to be a long term contributing member of the league, 90% of the responses invoke other teams and their successes. if people believe that they can make a go of it, why don't they want to implement performance metrics ? If you are so sure that columbus has the stuff to make it, then tell me when you think they will make it. you can put out any number you want. On these boards I've heard 50 years. But the majority of people never will because as each performance metric they fail to pass they all fall back on the same excuses " we have bad management, we are turning it around, we are a new market, the canadian teams are killing us by being good markets, we need more time".

If you think that the purpose of RS is to temporarily help struggling teams ( and thats my interpretation) you might be willing to say, ok fine but how much more time are you going to need. The answer is invariably simply " more".

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