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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
It's damn frustrating sometimes debating here when in one thread I make a point arguing that RS should be more, and then you supposedly clarify that it's already something like 66%. And then in the Lockout sticky thread (which is now closed)late last night a guy responds to be saying there needs to be better RS, something like the NFL, rather than the about 4.5% that there is in the NHL. That 4.5 % number I've seen before, but somebody has to be very wrong. Hell of a lot of difference between 4.5% and 66%.
People need to understand also that the vast majority of RS in the NFL is T.V. Dollars.....About 4.5 Billion worth Every year. That is going to 7.5 Billion by 2015.

You can't have a RS model like the NFL....

The NFL pays each team YEARLY 110 million in just T.V. Money......

You could put an NFL team in Alaska, not have one fan show up, and it would be in the green payroll wise....

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