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01-04-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by RockLobster View Post

If Thursday comes and there's no CBA agreement and Bettman is given the authority to cancel the season, the pissing and moaning from the players is going to be taken to a whole new level.

It's already bad enough with Twitter and radio interviews and whatnot, but you know that Reporters will be picking up on their Twitter quotes and conducting interviews, and we're going to be treated to a whole bunch of "I just can't believe they cancelled the season. We were here, we were ready to negotiate, we just needed a willing partner."

And we'll see the NHL's response as, "We told the Union our final date, we attempted to resolve the dispute before then but just couldn't come to an agreement. But they shouldn't be shocked, we told them what would happen if there wasn't an agreement."

And us fans are left standing there wondering how these Millionaires and Billionaires let some Pension details and what is amounting to 150 million (extra $5 million in cap space per team) derail any form of an NHL season.
Just to clarify Rocklobster - the 2013-14 cap has a ZERO impact on what the NHL will pay the players. There is NOT a potential "$150M" impact. The players would get 50% of HRR + whatever makewhole dollars are agreed to. ALL the extra capspace means that the teams would have more flexibility to pay UFA/RFA's a "market rate", and ALL NHLPA member would end up giving back more in escrow.

Simple example: A team has $59M committed to 22 players. Let's say they've got a RFA who made $1M last year, but on the market would probably make $4M.

If Cap is set at $60M, they could any of the following:
1) Use one of the amensty buy-outs to buy out another player to free up cap space. This might or might not be an option depending on team budget, and if there is a bad contract on the books.
2) Make a deal to trade a player to free up cap space. Again - might or might not be possible, and the trade would potentially just open up another hole that would have to be filled.
3) Tell the player to take the $1M, or he'll have to be traded if someone is willing to pay "full price" in a trade. Might or might not happen, which could result the player either signing a below market deal, or not playing.

Cap at $65-67M:
1) Sign him to a fair deal, and all the NHLPA member get less back from escrow as salaries will certainly exceed 50% of HRR and any make dollars.

The only impact the cap at $60M has it is really reduces the flexibility of teams to offer contracts. It does NOTHING to impact the total $'s paid to players in 2013-14.

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