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Originally Posted by GrandChelems View Post
According to some posters, WI shouldn't get a team b/c they don't support the Admirals. Was the support metric used to allow teams in Miami, St. Petersburg, Raliegh, Atlanta, Phoneix, etc, etc, etc, etc.?
Check the Panthers' attendance, and then compare it to the Admirals, and then get back to this argument.

Originally Posted by jimmycrackcorn View Post
Kind of like Phoenix - yet they have a franchise... There is no way a team in Milwaukee would do worse than the Coyotes over the last 16 years.
Why? Until the Balsillie case, Phoenix had solid attendance numbers. And it's a significantly larger city, which means that even if hockey isn't as big a deal, you can still have more fans.

Originally Posted by Free View Post
The mere fact that someone in Wisconsin went on the Internet to search for a hockey related forum to then register and ask a bunch of dudes on the Internet whether Wisconsin is a good hockey destination is a pretty good indication that it is one.

Did that ever happen in Phoenix and Atlanta? Or did a boardroom in New York decide that its market was adequate for investment?
With Phoenix, the Winnipeg Jets were purchased by an ownership group that wanted to move them to Phoenix. Atlanta was an expansion team that was bid for. You see, hockey teams have to have owners. And the owners choose the locations. The NHL doesn't say "We're relocating the Panthers" and tell the Panthers owners to deal with it.

If the NHL had been focusing its efforts where people actually cared about hockey, the NHL could have become NFL North and we would all be watching hockey now with better teams and more intense arenas.
Or, or, or, how about this. If the players hadn't hired someone with the specific purpose of not reaching an agreement in order to villainize the ownership and hopefully eventually break the cap entirely, we'd be watching hockey.

NFL North? Are you suggesting the NHL would have been more profitable if it were a 30-team league based primarily in Canada? Highly unlikely.

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