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01-04-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
You don't honestly believe this do you?

How is it not going to take away from current lottery monies?

You think the guy that goes and puts $20 in VLT's everyday after work is now going to still put in that same $20 into VLT's and pul out a new $20 to put into Keno?

Or do you now believe that people like me who don't bother with VLT's will now be lining up at the bars to go play Keno?

I don't have any problem with using lottery money like this for public projects however when this new stream of money is going to take away from current monies going to charties(current VLT revenues) and such it isn't really a great idea.
sorry. I don't think there would be more revenues generated, just people would spend their gambling money a different way.
so, no, I can't see people spending more to play an Oiler Keno game, and I can't see many people starting to gamble just to help buy a new arena.

So you are right. some of the revenue that would normally go to other charities and the governent revenue would be redirected to the arena. The only way to adjust for that would be to decrease the chances of winning by another few percent.

i'm not a huge wildrose fan by any means, but I guess my thoughts got a bit screwy as I was a bit irked by the fellow who was throwing around all the vitroil towards them.

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