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Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
We don't have the raw talent laden superstar power in our offence, for our defense to be able to play "defense first". Therefore, our defensemen HAVE to be some what offensive, or our production would dramatically dry up.

For those who suggested Islanders defense is worse than ours, I'd really have to question that statement. Some also stated The Jackets......I'd take Wisniewski, Tyutin, Johnson, Aucoin, Lebda, Martinek and others WAY before I'd select anyone apart from say Johnson and to a much lesser degree Wilson.

Seriously, Hunwick, O'Byrne, Zanon, O'Brien & Hejda aren't exactly world beaters, nor would they send fear through opposition teams, who I think would look forward to playing against a group like ours.
I honestly feel that our defense is under-rated by most people in this forum. I'm not saying we have a top flight defense but we do have a tolerable defense.

EJ has shown signs of progression towards a top flight dman.

Hejda is a 2nd pairing level guy

O'Bryne and O'Brien aren't world beaters but they quietly do a solid job most of the time and are decent 3rd pairing guys

Hunwick is hit or miss

Wilson is a wild card, some nights he looks amazing some not so much, if he can find consistency he could easily play 2nd or 3rd pairing.

Zanon I'm not that familiar with but I've heard he is kind of like O'Brien and O'Bryne.

We also have Barrie and Elliott. I think Barrie is going to be a stud kind of a Dan Boyle or Duncan Keith light version. Barrie played very well last season. Elliott if he can get a bit stronger could become a high end offensive dman. Not to mention Seimens who really could be the next Adam Foote.

I will agree we could use a top end dman, but those don't exactly grow on trees, and teams don't exactly just part ways with them. Sometimes you just got to make do until you can get one, which is what we are doing and its not as bad as people are making it out to be.

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