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01-04-2013, 11:48 AM
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Seahawks faced tougher competition over the same stretch? Looking at their schedule, I am seeing a similar stretch of opponents that the Skins faced, but hardly tougher.

This game will be a challenge for the Skins. There is no doubt. The Seahawks are playing very good, and are probably the healthiest team in the playoffs. Their offense is effective and their defense plays a physical game.

Having said all that I think the Skins have a good chance in this game. Their Defense is aggressive and clicking at the right time. Cedric Griffin maybe playing adds much needed depth to the secondary as well. The offense is multi-dimensional and has the means to give a physical/aggressive D in Seattle fits.

Ultimately, the Skins will be involved in probably the best pure match up of the 1st round. I give the Skins even odds. Regardless, at this time, I am simply happy for a playoff game. Gives the young players valuable playoff experience and it gives us fans hope for the future.

Only 2 days left. Can't wait.

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