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01-04-2013, 10:53 AM
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Eh. You have a fully profitable 2012-2013, and there is significantly less pressure to push down the cap in 2013-2014 because the league made about hundreds of millions more in profits. Plus you keep the NHL momentum going and revenues should have kept going up.

Maybe I'm in fantasy land, but you can't tell me that if the players offered a cap freeze for this season and next season until it matches the 50/50 HRR or a 65 million/year cap plus a buyout or two back in August, the NHL would have cancelled half the season.

The current deal already won't effect this season's cap. So, even if the league go a 60 million/year cap for 2013-2014, that's works out to a "savings" of ~7.5 million/year x 30 teams ~$225 million. Now substract what the league will agree o pay back with the "make whole" provision, which is over $100 million for 2013-2014.

So, if that were the offer this summer, would the NHL intentionally forgo several hundred million dollars in profits to "save" a little over one hundred million in costs?

I just don't see that as likely. NHL would have take the deal, made more money, and avoided the headaches.

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