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Originally Posted by OCTA8ON View Post
I don't blame you guys for wanting to talk about these things, but what I'm saying is that I can't contribute to this conversation without making a bunch of information up based on pure speculation. I doubt ONE single person on hfboards actually has a law and/or economics degree AND has inside access to the current CBA discussions. Most people here on hfboards are a bunch of people who may or may not have taken a couple of economics courses at most some time in their lives and are dealing with a much more complicated situation that is way over their heads to due the complexity and lack of information released to them by the NHL and NHLPA.

I see so many percentages here and there like they actually know what those percentages really mean and the intricacies of the entire CBA.

Carry on with the conversation, but realize that you'r all just a bunch of pretenders lololol
The pieces that I'm discussing, at least, are actually very simple. You don't need an economics or a law degree, although I have both. My calculations are based essentially on two sources: the dollar figures that get published concerning how much RS will be done in the new deal, and the comparative revenues of each team published by Forbes (which may be estimates, but are almost certainly good for what I'm using them for: telling me simple facts like Toronto has about 4x as much revenue as Phoenix). The rest is all sixth grade math. It's enough to give you a fair ballpark, and certainly better than just reading sports columnists who don't even attempt to analyze data.

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