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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
I always felt that the guidelines about 'what' to eat were going in the wrong direction. It always seemed that the sedentary lifestyle was the culprit from my perspective. Within 2-3 generations, people went from an agricultural or even urban lifestyle that required a lot of walking or moving around in general. The advent of cars and cities not designed for walking or even mass transportation was an initial step away from routine movement just to get through your typical day. Factor in the type of work we moved to (office/seated) and home entertainment, and it becomes a bit clearer about the imbalance. How often do we comment on how kids today play inside vs the days when they ran from home as soon as mom and dad weren't looking?

Now, if they could only figure out a way to tell us our perfect weight range, we could remove one more stress factor from our daily lives.
I disagree. While sedentary lifestyles are bad for a number of reasons (ie cardiovascular, poor mental development, higher risk of injury) the number 1 cause of obesity by far is overeating and poor nutrition.

One does not even have to exercise to lose or gain weight, they just need to lower or raise their calorie intake.

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