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01-04-2013, 11:09 AM
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Players are currently re-voting to authorize disclaimer of interest. Now we have a report that Bettman is prepared to cancel the season next week.

The league believes Fehr is unwilling to do a deal until after Bettman has cancelled the NHL season and the union leader is now slowing the process one last time to increase pressure on the commissioner, said the governor late Thursday night. Such a gambit could be put to the test as early as next Thursday and the governor said it will come up empty for the players and finally the fans. If the NHL and NHLPA cannot come to a settlement and sign a new collective bargaining agreement by Thursday of next week, Bettman will announce the cancellation of the 2012-13 season. The governor theorized Fehr will then let things sit for a day or two before trying to leverage Bettman one more time into signing a deal viewed as better for the players.

It won’t work.

The governor said owners and league personnel believe Fehr is trying to blow up the process and is no longer interested in making a deal. They say Bettman is prepared for such an eventuality and will be supported should he elect to cancel the season on Thursday if no deal is done. Bettman will then take off what is currently on the table. Bettman will be willing to listen and talk with Fehr after he cancels the season but it will be on the basis of doing a deal for the 2013-14 season. Once the commissioner cancels this season, a 50-50 share will no longer be offered and the league will pursue a much revamped package because the owners will have no incentive to make the deal that was on the table.
Hopefully the two sides can find time to finish negotiating in between puffing out their chests and trying to stare each other down.

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