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01-04-2013, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by FerrisRox View Post
Considering I work for one of those networks, let me tell you, unequivocally, you are deep into fantasy land.
Go back and look through the Luongo threads, it is all over with sources, including when John Shannon of sportsnet on Sportsnet talked about how the leafs upped their offer because of EDM. It was right around when the lockout started.

Originally Posted by BlueBaron View Post
Ok, so the current talk is in the new CBA that any contract where the players remaining years are not honored due to early retirement will see the cap hit return to the Team that signed the contract for the remainder if it's term.

This does not seem like a contract with the potential to be bought out while amnesty still exists ? (because everyone wants to spend a 12th of their payroll on someone who retired )

Add to this that he has asked to be traded. So naturally you should trade Schnieder and stick with the guy who says " It's time to move on " . Yes, this sends a fine message to the Team.

Not trading Luongo would in no way be a distraction to the Team because Vancouver is a magical land immune to distractions that would affect other teams and so there is no need to trade him quickly.

It is logical to spend 1/6 of your payroll on goaltending (in a 60 mil cap senerio)....

None of these things in any way impact Luongo's trade value because other Gm's are too stupid to see the difficult position Gillis is in.

I'm sorry, if the new Cap is 60 Mil with 2 buy outs and the Canuckas are forced to pay the full life of the contract regardless of wether Luongo is playing or not, Gillis would be an idiot not to consider a buy out. His other option is try to trade him and swallow the Cap hit in later years. In the latter senerio Luongo would be tradable but would not command the true value of a player of his quality.

I know there are some Canuck fans that will refuse to believe any of this but many of you will know it's true. This new CBA is going to hurt all teams already commited to over 60 Mil next year and they will probably have to shed assets at a loss or consider the buy out.
40 mil to buy out<10 mil to retire

It has been proven a few times, the Canucks can make a lineup just fine under 60 mil WITH Luongo. It is not ideal, and most likely won't be needed, but very achievable. This simply means, we don't have to trade him. We can wait for the best offer.

With 2 amnesty buy outs the Canucks can actually take back a bad contract.

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