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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
It IS totally expired! Dragging the old CBA out longer only serves the purpose of the players, because it's closer to what they want. The owners could just have rightly said that, OK, we'll play the Season under the proposed system that we want until the CBA is finalized. Neither option however would be legal to do without the consent of the other side. The old CBA is no more valid now than is the owners' first proposal back in October.
More - I guess I need something clarified. A question on the prior CBA. Did the term of it expire, or did the owners exercise their right to end it, and hen lockout the players? I have been under the impression that the prior CBA could have been in place another year. If that it true, then obviously, the players would play any delay game possible, because their cut in the prior CBA was higher than anything they ever get otherwise.

However, if the prior CBA expired of its own terms (means the owners chose not to use their right to end opt out), then there would have to be an agreement to play this year under the terms of the old CBA. The legal details of that agreement would determine whether a strike right existed for the players. I suspect that the owners would not have given them strike rights at the end of season/before playoffs without the players' cut of playoff income also suffering.

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