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01-04-2013, 11:24 AM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Even as an Oiler fan, i have to admit that Tavares will likely top out a level above all these guys. It goes beyond stats, just watching him play, you can see the flashes of dominance that he displays, it's truly elite level stuff. He became a lot more consistent with those flashes last season, he seems to be on the brink of becoming an elite player and very soon, he's just so good in all areas offensively, needs to work on his defensive game though.

RNH is next up IMO. RNH's vision is on par with JT's although i'm inclined to give RNH a slight nod here, his vision is truly exceptional. JT has him on goal scoring ability, he can score in so many ways while RNH depends more on his very underrated shot to score.
I think that RNH has more ability defensively than Tavares, he always knows where to be defensively, has an active stick and surprisingly gets physical to attempt to separate the opposition from the puck which he will be even more effective at once he gains stength.
The reason why i pick Tavares over RNH is that he has more ability to completely carry a line, i think he's more diverse offensively. Can't go wrong with either though.

This is where i don't understand the HF mentality.... I think that Hall is one of the most underrated players around here and there's not stronger evidence of that than all these votes of Landeskog over Hall, i don't get it.
I understand that Landeskog is well liked around here and that Hall is very much disliked for some reason but i think that's clouding the assessment of these players.
I just don't see the high end upside in Landeskog that others see. I see him more as a slightly more offensive Shane Doan than a Jarome Iginla. He's the type of player that everybody wants on their team, he's a leader who will do whatever it takes to win. I see him as good in all areas but a master of none.
Hall brings a lot of the intangibles that Landeskog brings with a higher end skillset IMO. The only question is Hall's health going forward but if all things are equal and lets say for the sake of argument that Hall stays relatively healthy, i just don't see Landeskog being the more impactful of the two.
I think that Hall's offensive advantage over Landeskog will outweigh Landeskog's defensive advantage over Hall.
It's fairly close but i feel comfortable taking Hall over Landeskog.
I don't think it's a knock on Hall. A lot of people just love Landeskog's game. I think it comes down to which type of player you'd prefer. I think a lot of the Landeskog-skeptics thought he'd probably become a 2nd line, 50+ point player in the NHL, and thought his upside wouldn't be much higher than that. IMO the fact that he was that exact player in his rookie season is what has started the hype train.

Had Hall been healthy these first two years, I think this would look a lot different.

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