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01-04-2013, 11:24 AM
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I can tell you that having viewed Hofner's charges this time as opposed to seeing them live in Halifax in 2003 - he definitely was changing his style to suit his players.

I don't understand the passive talk from the commentators. The German's actually got in trouble when they were trying to push the play, have the d step up in the NZ or when they tried to do too much with the puck.

In Halifax Hofner had a decent team and they played a very strict 1-4/ No forecheck and they set up very shallow - 1st man pressure at the blue and then had four back in the NZ.

It was painful to watch but they kept games close for the most part. 4-1 loss to Canada, 4-0 to Finland and 3-0 to the Czechs. Patzold stole the show at times too.

I think Hofner is as good as you will find and as someone else said - who is better and wants that job?

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