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Originally Posted by DesertDawg View Post
That's why it's likely they'll buy him out next season I don't see it likely that the Flyers will move Briere's contract until the end of the season.
I don't think the floor will be enforced this season as long as teams stay above (the equivalent of) next season's floor #.I Haven't read anything about it, but it wouldn't make any sense to force teams To $54mil when the cap ceiling gets lowered to $60 mil the following season. There would be a lot of needless trades between the 2 seasons (in regards to actual improving rosters). There are currently 6 teams under $54mil for the season.

Bettman is looking for the immediate cap with a min/max. If he doesn't get the $60 Million it won't mean the NHLPA will forego the requirement to have a cap floor. Defeats the purpose of the entire system in the first place so there is no way the PA would agree to that. Once there is an agreement it will force teams into making deals. There's nothing wrong with that. That was the choice of each franchise in how they built their squads. Franchises were warned about potential consequences so I honestly have zero sympathy that they placed themselves into a position where they have to make a deal to fall in line. That's life. Keep in mind the NHL was asking that all players making X number of dollars would count against the overall cap; regardless of whether or not they were in the AHL, ECHL, etc. A portion of a players salary like Bolduc who are on a one way deal would likely count and reduce our cap variance.

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