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Originally Posted by Interactif View Post
Probably no surprise but a New top 3 will be released by a scouting service very soon.

Good list. I am glad to see we, along with TSN, agree on Seth Jones. I guess his comments about him thinking the USA are the best team (after humilitating Canada) are also ignored now, now that he was right

I would love to see the Leafs draft him, but I am starting to conspirically think that he ends up in an American market. Potential to be the best American d-man ever? Playing on a Canadian team?! No way!

Originally Posted by BertCorbeau View Post
What style of game does Lindholm play anyways? I haven't read up or watched any videos on him
He's a nice consolation prize. Very good everything, but nothing elite. If he goes top 5, I can't see him doing better than his past Swedish counterparts. I don't see franchise\build-around player in him. He's just a very good piece to have.

Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
I still have my doubts about Jones. Still wasn't all that impressed by his Canada game. Better than some earlier games but still not amazing by any means.
What game did you watch? Because the game that I saw had him dominating the Canadian top-line, the Canadian d-men afraid to jump into the rush, him still creating offensive chances, and a complete package of size, elite skating, and impact on the game. It's undeniable.

Originally Posted by TheFinnishKulemin View Post
I'd say MacKinnon still last one, drouin at two and Jones three with lindholm at four, and barkov (who while less offensively potent, still had a better all around tourney than Jones so far IMO) at five
I have to ask, do you just have something against Seth Jones? Because this list is downright scary and shows clear symptoms of denial. TSN even says he is the clear #1 at this point.

Originally Posted by alcanalz View Post
Where? Mackinnon is still the clear #1, as has been said by many analysts.
It was mentioned during the broadcast by their commentators. If you search on HF, you will see some other posters mentioning it as well.

Mackinnon was #1 before, but probably will still battle [and could upset Jones] when it is all over.

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