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01-04-2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by ChocolateLeclaire View Post
I re-watched the game yesterday and I am absolutely baffled by the positioning these players took on the US goals. These are quality, skilled players skating around like chickens with their heads cut off.

On the first goal, it's astonishing seeing FOUR Canadian players setting up shop in front of their own goalie! That is ALL coaching. Spott should be fired...on the spot.

I feel bad for Subban. Very few goalies would stand a chance with the fartastic performance of the guys in front of him.
Systems and positional play break down real fast when one team comes out much harder than the other. Sometimes the problem is teams want to defeat is more than we want to defeat them. It was obvious from the first couple minutes that the US had more jump. The varying levels of things like adrenaline that give athletes jump and motivation aren't easy to control. When you match two equal teams together but one wants it more, that team will drown the other out.

Defensively and at goaltender more times than not that defense outplays us. Jones and Connor Murphy were better than anyone we had. And gibsons a better goalie than subban. If anymore nfl and nba players have kids in hockey at a young age were gonna start getting destroyed. Seth jones is a pretty special prospect and he'd be the best Canadian defensive prospect in a long time IMO.

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