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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Thanks for the work. So the variance would be in addition to the 20% of cap restriction? Also with variance( I should know this ) is the variance off the most expensive year in the salary or within subsequent years?

If the variance is 10% and you start with 14 million then no year can be less than 12.6. If its from the previous year the cap hit at the end is way less than 12.6 and if you assume you stretch the contract out and use the gowth you hypothesised the superstars proportional cap hit is way low.
Right, the variance is separate from the individual cap max. The individual cap is just that -- the max cap any single player can have in a season, as a percentage of the cap.

As I understand it, the League proposed variance limits the difference between salaries year-to-year (5%?), while the PA is proposing a bigger variance between the first year and any subsequent year (25%?).

[EDIT]. My figures for variance are way off. The League has offered bigger percentages year-to-year. The PA figure is also year-to-year.

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