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01-04-2013, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Number8 View Post
As payback for this mess, I've committed to not spending a dime on the NHL directly for this season (assuming they have one). I'll watch on TV I have no doubt, but beyond that nothing.

However, if they push it to February 16th -- or something along those lines -- I'll do everything in my power not to even watch on TV. Not sure if I'll be able to hold to that, but at some point you have to stand on principle.

They clearly don't care one iota about their fans, and I'm going to try in some capacity to demonstrate in my tiny little way that that attitude comes at a cost. Enough is enough.
I've done the same thing. My wife even commented on it before Christmas, as she knew I would be unhappy if one of my kids bought his cousing a Ryan Miller jersey for Christmas (he lives in Rochester, and is a goalie, so I can understand. sort of!) because it would be giving money to the NHL. I even had to think about wheter or not to put my Bruins ornaments on my tree (I eventually did). But I definitely won't be spending any money on game tickets or merchandise. Funny thing is, almost every one of my hockey-loving fans have said the same thing.

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