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Originally Posted by Pie O My View Post
Point - OOG has mentioned jan 20th as the drop dead date and said this is what the league is looking at as reasonable, but B eye thinks this will go to the last minute because Fehr is trying to suck this lemon dry. Unfortunately it looks like Fehr is the alpha dog in this fight and things will come to a head when he says so, which begs the question...what does Fehr consider the last minute? I know i sound like a broken record on this feb 16th date but I have to believe that Fehr looks at that and thinks if Bettman was willing to go that far into the season before, then he'll do it again. my 2 cents.
Again, Dom will have more informed info than I do, I'm just parroting what I have read from wasting way too much time following this mess lately while hoping it is ending soon.

My read on the drop dead stuff: This originates from Bettman's statements. It is believed, and probably confirmed though the info out there just seems like a haze at this point, that Bettman has said that a deal has to be "done" by Jan 11th, so camps can open Jan 12th, and games could begin Jan 19th. That would yield (at least) a 48 game schedule that would meet his phantom criteria for a legitimate season.

One problem I have is that if the deal is going to be "done," i.e., signed, by Jan 11th, then agreement in principle has to happen very soon, like in the next 3 or so days, so the lawyers can then get to work writing up the contract. As I have said and as anybody here involved in contract work knows, what you get in writing from lawyers always introduces points of contention and you have to pound that stuff out over a few days until it is finalized and can then be signed. This has been a problem for the NHL, in fact, as we saw this week when the union "found" some language in the contract from the NHL that was at odds with what was expected (pertaining to HRR).

So, if you work backwards from signing happening Jan 11th, agreement has to happen at least 2-4 days in advance of that IMO, so the attorneys can do their thing.

Dom could say more about whether Fehr is working from the same reality as outlined above or whether he has his own notion of a drop dead date, etc. I think it would be extremely risky if he flirts with the Jan 11th date as if they could go past that without a signed deal - I'm not sure any such latitude exists but then what do I know really...

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