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Originally Posted by Pie O My View Post
Thanks to OOG and Black eye for clarifying some points for me a few pages back regarding what issues have been resolved for good, VS what is outstanding.

Couple of other points and questions for you guys:

Point - OOG has mentioned jan 20th as the drop dead date and said this is what the league is looking at as reasonable, but B eye thinks this will go to the last minute because Fehr is trying to suck this lemon dry. Unfortunately it looks like Fehr is the alpha dog in this fight and things will come to a head when he says so, which begs the question...what does Fehr consider the last minute? I know i sound like a broken record on this feb 16th date but I have to believe that Fehr looks at that and thinks if Bettman was willing to go that far into the season before, then he'll do it again. my 2 cents.

Question - OOG, what have you heard about this mediator? How was he chosen? Did both sides have to agree to him and do both sides trust him?

(a little late on this but it is good having black eye back to posting on here more often)
The mediator is U.S. federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh, a very well respected mediator. He is the deputy director of mediation services.

He was never chosen by the league or NHLPA. He offered (along with others) to mediate back in November and both the league and PA agreed. (The league had been unwilling to prior to then)

He's very well respected by both sides and believe he was also involved in the NFL and NBA mediation (don't follow either sport so I'm not positive). And he has brought them closer together than they would be if he wasn't present. He needs to be given a lot of credit IMO.

Where it goes from here is anyone's guess. I thought the PA would have filed the disclaimer last time, but certainly will this time as many players are peeved that they didn't. And the PA has responded in court to the leagues court action which will start next week.

Beckenbaugh has a tough job to try and get this settled by then. I'm not also sure whether he'll remain as mediator if the PA disclaims either, since there will be no union to negotiate with. As I've said before, that's where agents come in led by Pat Brisson to negotiate on behalf of the players. NHL won't sign the waiver to allow both Fehrs (as the tweet I posted earlier says) in the negotiations, but they'll be running the show from outside.

Oh, and the drop dead date is Jan 11.

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