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Originally Posted by colchar View Post
The league hasn't been negotiating as time ticked down (when the mediators were last there they refused to say anything other than "take it or leave it") so how would the NHLPA negotiating earlier have been productive? If the league won't negotiate as time draws to a close why the hell would they have negotiated with months to spare?

And you think the league's first offer was reasonable?

Pretty easy to do when your first offer is completely ridiculous.

Look at the dumbass comments from those on the owner's side. You seem pretty selective about what bothers you and do not seem to be looking at the actions of both sides here.
Do you honestly not see why starting negotiations a year ago would have helped this progress? And how has the league not been negotiating? Everytime theyve submitted a proposal its changed closer to what the players have said they would like.

People are still *****ing about the first proposal? It was an opening offer that was exactly opposite of what the players had. It cracks me up that its bad for the owners to submit an offer thats exactly opposite of what the players had but so good for the players to have the deal they do.

While you term the first offer ridiculous the owners have moved how far from it? Quite a ways.

What dumbass statement from the owners side? Outside of the one from the Red Wings guy, whihc honestly wasnt all that bad, where are all these other statements? I have looked at both sides actions here. I see one side that has been wanting to negotiate for over a year and one side thats been dragging their feet to not. And you know whose losing out because of it? Us the fans. Like I said for all of the players talk about just wanting to play their actions certainly dont show it.

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