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Originally Posted by That View Post
I'm not sure on whether or not Galchenyuk is NHL ready. One side of me says that he's been dominating the OHL since his first season, but other says the progression that he's showed as a player is very good but he still could improve.

Galchenyuk went from playing at one speed (could be attributed to his injury), not using his body, doing flashy drop passes that work every 1 in 10 times, and stickhandling himself into a corner, to being able to play at any speed you want, utilizing his frame well, using fancy passes at times where they are lower risk, and still stickhandling himself into a corner, but being able to get out or making an incredible pass. At the same time he still could work on be more consistent in his zone and using his body a bit better. I think he's shown progression, so what stops him from working on those things in the OHL? Then again, maybe it's better for him to work on those in the NHL where he pays a much higher price for making mistakes.

I want Galchenyuk to be able to come in and put the points up when he first makes the Habs, but I can't think of any reason for him not to other than looking out of place in camp. I think that's what it really comes down to though, does he fit in during camp or not?

Galchenyuk definitely plays differently in Sarnia. He's normally much more engaged in the play, looks faster, and is more aggressive.

I'm sure it could be attributed to the chemistry that he already has with having one of the best players in the O centring him (Sarault) and Boucher, but he's easily the best player on that line. Galchenyuk and Sarault work well together, they know where each are on the ice always and recognize each others tendencies. Galchenyuk and Kuraly, not so much. Kuraly is certainly skilled, but his hockey IQ is poor and skates with his head down. Although, you can't blame it all on him. Galchenyuk hasn't been nearly as aggressive on the forecheck and in pursuit of the puck that he normally is. Part of me thinks that it's because of his role on Team USA, he looks confined to the one side of the ice and because of that he can't play how he normally does.

Although, I did really liked his game yesterday, he seemed to recognized that he's going to be used in more or grinder/energy role and decided to tighten up his defensive game and work along the boards.
I'd like Bergevin to follow the LA model. They left their prospects in the AHL for a long time until they were all ready to make the jump together. Galchenyuk shouldn't be called up until we have a chance to make a push, which may be next season if we're given the chance to buyout Gomez and Kaberle this summer. We have enough guys to fill in in the mean time: Bourque, Gionta, Armstrong, Prust, Nokelainen, etc. They may suck but that's a good thing right now.

Then we can call up Galchenyuk, Leblanc, Gallagher, Tinordi and Beaulieu next season, and likely Collberg, Kristo and Ellis the year after. And whoever we draft this year whenever he's ready.

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