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01-04-2013, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Vtwin View Post

The "founders" were in a position to pen the constitution because they rose up and took by force the oppportunity to get out from under a system of government far older than the American experiment in a demcratic republic. The two hundred years between then and now is a blink of the eye.

The founders attempted to write into the constitution the ability of future Americans to do the exact same thing if the government tried to get bit to big for it's britches.

Those old dudes also were giving the citizens the right to carry the same weapons as the best military in the world carried. There was not as large a difference between the farmer's weapon and the soldiers weapon then as there is now.

Believing that just because a measly 200 years has passed makes the constitution or any part of it invalid is simplistic at best.

You could argue that armed citizenry doesn't stand a chance against our modern army but many would point out that if it ever came to that how much of the army is going to follow orders to kill their fellow countryman, family, friends and neighbors.
You basically implied that the 2nd Ammendment is out of date and worthless. So it should be repealed.

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