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01-04-2013, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by howztheglass View Post
Ok lets see what everyone thinks about this:

NHL wants 60 million--PA wants we think 65 million,

No one wants to split the difference even though at 50% split the moneys there.

What about a luxury tax something like baseball where there's a hard cap(lets say 65 million)that any team signing or that has signed players has to pay.

Cap floor of 44 million
NHL cap of 60 million
Team(luxury cap)of 65 million

Any team that goes over the 60 million mark has to let's say 10% of the players signed contact--IE player signs for 1 million 100,000 goes to the teams at the cap floor.

Max any team can go is 65 million.

Sound good or I'm I missing the boat of this whole thing--it only been what 105 days or so.

Just an opinion don't kill me if you hate it--looking for answer's in the rabbit hole.
I've been preaching luxury tax for a while now, but it's pretty clear the NHL will never go for it. This is a great solution for teams who want to (and can) spend, while also benefiting the teams towards the bottom of the league who need to be more budgeted by getting more in revenue sharing.

Like HatTrick Swayze said, it's a smart solution that works for all parties. So it makes no sense that they'd go for it.

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