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Originally Posted by WhamBamCam8 View Post
Gary Bettman infuriated players across the table from him at NHL headquarters on Thursday — and, by extension, NHLPA membership — by claiming that a number of general managers had told him they regret some of the contracts they’d previously handed out and would welcome the opportunity to “dismantle” their teams in order to meet the steep drop to the league’s proposed $60 million cap for 2013-14, sources have told The Post

Read more: Gary Bettman angers players, slows talks by saying some GMs would like to 'dismantle' teams

i swear, I hope the players say they will only sign the deal if Bettman loses his job.
Never know what to think about Brooks.

That said, if Bettman really said this he is a fool.

There are so many reasons why this is a stupid comment to make it's not even worth thinking about.

However, what is worth spending some time on is the question of WHY he would make such a comment. Outside of being an argumentative fool, I can't think of a single reason why Bettman could possibly think such a comment would gain him a centimeter -- let alone enough ground to justify the obvious risks of making such a foolish comment at such a pivotal time.

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