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01-04-2013, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Scotto74 View Post
I agree to a point but I see why they do it. Really they have to in order to stay competitive for UFA's and such. All it takes is one owner willing to pay the guy you want and it becomes a bidding way under the rules of the CBA. They want to put rules in place to stop that one owner from making eveyone one else have to make the big offers.
See though with a hard cap, I don't really buy this. Teams are going to be spending to the cap regardless, and it's really a question of how, not how much. You can choose to tie up your money with a couple of max contract guys, and sacrifice depth. Look at the Penguins. They had to make some really tough decisions this past off season because they have all of that money tied up in their top 2 centers. Then you have a team like Boston that chooses a more balanced approach, that still has tough decisions to make when it comes to a guy like Kessel. They play hard ball and deal him. That's their decision. Teams are rewarded through drafting and good decision making. Again, my real issue is with what the Red Wings were doing, and what Chia did with Savvy and front loaded the contract and inflated the length with make believe years at the end of the deal.

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