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Originally Posted by txomisc View Post
Absolutely the league created the cap busting contracts. The problem is the league can't do a damn thing about them unless the PA lets them. The PA does not want the league to fix any of these problems.
I guess I don't see how that is true. Could you provide an example?

I don't agree that 5 year contract limits are the answer, and there's not a huge difference between 6 and 8 years. To me, the only reason this hasn't been agreed upon is Fehr and Bettman are children that aren't done throwing their tantrums.

There's been no indication the PA is opposed to the variance issue.

Here's the thing, I get the impression you think players are OK with these cap buster contracts, but they hurt an overwhelming percentage of the PA. They are the reason escrow is so high right now. Brad Richards' $10 or $12 million salary counts to the players share this season, but his cap hit is much smaller. That allows significantly more money to count against the players' share when cap hits are artificially lowered.

Front loaded contracts are only good for the teams as a way for allowing them to legally circumvent the cap.

I honestly think this is one of the issues that the PA and owners have both done a good job of finding common ground on. I truly believe this is a non issue, and the only reason this has NOT been checked off as done is neither Fehr or Bettman's ego's will allow them to give in too soon.

As for the the men behind them trying to get this done, getting to the point to where they are right now is a major accomplishment IMO.

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