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01-04-2013, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by blinkman360 View Post
What do you mean exactly by "solid overall game"? Because JT's overall game was far from solid when he was drafted, but I know you say it was the right move(or actually obvious, I think is what you've said) bringing him up from day one.

If Griff's defensive ability is ready for the NHL next season, I wouldn't care if his offensive game is miles away, I'd give him a shot in camp. One mediocre game playing in a restriced role doesn't really change the way I view him or his NHL-readiness(anyone saying this guy had a bad tournament probably only watched the last game against USA and combined that with his lack of points when drawing this conclusion). IMO he's still pretty close.

Especially when you consider he was better than Dougie Hamilton in this tournament. A guy who was a virtual lock to make an NHL team much harder to crack than the NYI. A team that won the Stanley Cup a year and a half ago.

I'm not saying Griff is an NHLer right now, but IMO he is pretty damn close defensively. The only thing holding him back at this point will be his skating quickness. He has a lot of time between now and September 2013 to improve that area, though.
I know you'd give him a shot at camp and 9 game tryout. That was my point. JT's game was solid.....for a young kid, his defense was acceptable (better than that we were surprised) and his offense was great. He earned it. His skating was mediocre, but much better than Nino's. That improved. Tavares could play an entire shift like a pro and moreover could play an entire game without being a detriment in the least.

Griff needs to mature. You have to cradle him a bit and allow him time to grow. He has to see the AHL as the logic is.....he's poised and solid now, he has to make the gradual climb and learn so as to be the SMART hockey player he is at a higher level. Time goes on and he gets called up and sees what he has to work on and he works in the AHL for a little and shapes his mental game all the while forging his improved physical, offensive and skating games. You bring him along carefully and if he shows he's ready for promotion, you promote him.

He is one type along with power forwards you ABSOLUTELY do not rush.

He and Nino mean way too much to rush. You want their games honed, polished and delivered with ribbons. Not rushed and compromised because you thought developing them in the toughest league in the world might yield better results than somewhere where they could maintain confidence, have room to grow and time to do so.

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