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01-04-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by StumpNYI View Post
I don't think, nor have I ever said, he has no offensive potential. I just personally have never seen any offense from him. I haven't seen him play a lot, but in these few games in both WHL and WJC I can't remember a single scoring chance. I don't remember him being past the top of the circles to be honest. That's about as stay-at-home as it gets. That is why I said before his upside is questionable. Always was if iirc.

I do think with Reinhart at a bare minimum, he is going to be a polished and much stronger version of the player he is right now. Nobody can say they don't want that on their team and I will be looking forward to that. But compared to where he was drafted, some people may expect more.
He obviously has the offensive game but he has the smarts to not use it right now. He gradually introduced it into his game I believe in prior levels.

He's smart.

Remember KJ? He could have had a twenty goal season or two with his ability and brain, but he always chose the safe route, te smart route, and therein was his value.
Reinhart I bet will blossom in time into an offensive threat, but will be a tempered threat. Reserving chances for when he has room and time.

That's not a bad player to have. Maybe for stat junkies.

I'd be more concerned he starts hitting. Open ice hits, of course. (if he is what I believe he is, he will likely not use the boards or go out of his way to hit along the boards unless the play is there)

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