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01-04-2013, 12:45 PM
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I've seen handsfull of Brynas games and alot of Barkov. I might have biased opinion but i try to give small picture about these 2 elite prospects.

Lindholm brings flashier and more entertaining game, Barkov is more of complete player who plays simple and effective game and has high end talent aswell. I might sound biased but i'd take Barkov ahead of Lindholm without thinking twice. Barkov is 9 months younger, is more NHL-ready and is complete package. Lindholm has good two-way game as well but Barkov has elite defensive game for centre foward. Lindholm isn't #1 center for his team in SEL or plays in #1 PK unit, #1PP.

Elias Lindholm is an player who is very usefull because he is very capable as an winger and he's natural center.

I take Barkov because of:

-9 months younger

-More NHL-ready and likely going to step right away into NHL and play in every situation. Lindholm needs atleast 1-2 years of developement.

-Barkov plays simple and effective game which will work in NHL aswell.

-Offensive potential is hard to tell at this point. Lindholm sure looks flashier and faster but Barkov has all the tools to become better offensive player if he isn't already. Barkov is still growing and his skating will get better but never will be as good as Elias Lindholm in that department.

-Better two-way player and controls the all 3-zones better than Lindholm. Is the better player without the puck.

-Size. Barkov is an manchild. His body type will be Jagr, Thornton, Ovechkin-Like

Why i would take Elias Lindholm before Barkov:

-More entertaining player to watch flashier, physical, and plays more intense game.

-Adapt well as an winger and is an natural center which would attract teams beause of the versatility.

-skating. Barkov has the size Lindholm has the amazing skating. Barkov has alot of room to catch Lindholm in the skating department but never will be as good skater as Elias Lindholm.

If i would build an franchise it would be definetly around Barkov because this guy has it all at Elite, amazing level could step into NHL-right away. Is more of the complete player of these 2. In offensive game i don't see much difference except Lindholm is flashier but i believe Barkov has more potential to develope his offensive game because his skating will get better which isn't bad at all but better skating would boost his offensive game into another level.

But i could see some teams taking Lindholm because of the entertaining game, can play at wing or C and still is pretty good two-way player with physical edge.

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