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Originally Posted by Reimer View Post
You don't honestly believe this do you?

How is it not going to take away from current lottery monies?

You think the guy that goes and puts $20 in VLT's everyday after work is now going to still put in that same $20 into VLT's and pul out a new $20 to put into Keno?

Or do you now believe that people like me who don't bother with VLT's will now be lining up at the bars to go play Keno?

I don't have any problem with using lottery money like this for public projects however when this new stream of money is going to take away from current monies going to charties(current VLT revenues) and such it isn't really a great idea.
If built up properly like it is in BC, then yeah, it wouldn't really take away from other gambling. It's something that gamblers in BC just grab a handful of tickets for, and then either go to their table games or slots and forget about them until they are ready to leave, then go check their tickets.

Keno in BC was in the same spot it was here, making no money. Then they converted it into something that supports the Canucks, and all of a sudden people came out to play it. People are a lot more passionate about sports teams then you might think.

You want to talk about something that needs to be removed, you mentioned it multiple times in your post. VLT's. Very little monies from those go to charities (because they are not in a licensed casino) and most of the money gets split between the bar and the government. Or maybe we can take some of the governments chunk of that for the rink.

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