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Originally Posted by Ference the Finger View Post
Very good point, but I don't really believe that it's one that's going to be solved with these CBA negotiations. They are trying, but really, they are trying to treat the symptom, and not the disease. The disease is that there are clubs that are in wrong location. They need to either move or be contracted. But we all know that contraction simply won't happen. And moving teams is a long process. But either one of those would be a better way to address the real issue you noted (bolded)
You are right. The league has not shown any interest in addressing this and it usually leads to a debate about the NHL's plan of expanding in "non-traditional hockey markets," etc.

It's not even worth wasting a lot of ink on because the owners apparently think the growth model makes sense and they'll do whatever it is they're going to do, as far as expansion, team location, etc.

People will point to the ever increasing revenues as proof that all is well but there is certainly a school of thought out there that emphasizes bottom line results over making judgments based on top line revenue. (BTW that's why there is a lockout despite record revenues). The union may be glad to add teams and jobs but the individual health of any particular team and the salaries and contracts of individual players is a different matter. I don't personally feel that leveling the playing field via the CBA and a salary cap is the right long-term solution but Gary and Don don't call me to get my opinion about this stuff.

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