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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
Looks like a largely media-driven thing to me, and by "media" I mean non-sports. Living in New England I didn't see them myself, but I heard plenty of reports of local Canadian news anchors urging their audiences to "root for Canada" in the 2011 playoffs. I wouldn't expect them to know that the Bruins had more Canadian players than the Canucks; they probably wouldn't be able to name more than a couple of players on either roster, if that.

There are plenty of reasons to root for another team when/if yours is eliminated from the playoffs - perhaps you're a fan of their farm team (there are 30 AHL cities in North America); perhaps you're a big fan of a player or two or three on their roster; perhaps you like their style of play. I can't see a "Canadian" team or an "American" team being a tangible reason.
The Canadian media does it because they want to increase the Canadian ratings. A lot of those news anchors (CTV CBC) also own NHL rights (TSN CBC) so it's pretty transparent and self serving.

Originally Posted by Schneiderman View Post
Oh come on, what has Bieksa done to merit such hate?
Have you not watched/listened to any of his pompous interviews?

Originally Posted by Nathan311 View Post
It couldn't have been because of the divisional rivalry thing
The Bruins don't have a rivalry with the leafs.

Originally Posted by CookeyMonster View Post
Really, pretending Ryder wasn't a big part of the win because he resigned elsewhere?
Totally forgot about Ryder. I Edited it.

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