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Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
That would seem a little unjust. Basically Crosby and Malkin would count zero towards the Pens cap. My wouldn't THAT be nice.
The Pens would not be the only benefactor. In some way, it would help every team. Being able to not have two of your star players count against the cap, would hold tremendous implications for the player market. Teams could spend more, and poor markets that already struggle balancing star players against the cap, would not have to worry. The rich markets would also, of course, benefit.

I don't know if this will actually work; it was just a thought, not necessarily something I have researched or well-thought out. But the cap hurts everybody. Some teams have good players with contracts that they just hate, it is not only bad players with bad contracts. I think it's wrong to exclude the former.

Anyway, I would use the provision on Grabovski and Liles.

Originally Posted by eyeball11 View Post
I can't imagine a team being able to ignore $17 M in cap (thus allowing them to go out and sign another two at $17 M) helps the overall objective. As a Leaf fan, I'd be all for it but not if it only applied to contracts currently on your team - then all you do is reward all the cheaters.
Star players want to earn star money, and do not want to prevent other players from also doing so. This accomplishes both.

And the 17 million saved doesn't have to go to another two players, but can be spread out to allocate other weaknesses. If the cap is 60 million, then you would be using this "new" money to create a better team.

Your last sentence alludes to the problem with this idea, in my opinion. Teams that have "cap-circumventing" contracts can just use this provision. They'd in fact be coming out of what was conceived as a problem as even better off.

I think that in terms of the big picture and the pay-off with this idea, it'd be a small concern.

Teams should have the option to:

1) Buy out a bad player, pay his salary, and rid themselves of him.
2) "Buy out" a good player, pay his salary, and keep him (just not against the cap).

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