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01-04-2013, 01:51 PM
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Sundin was a great player. However, I don't think he was a great leader. While everyone would play injured through playoff series, Sundin would sit out if he wasn't healthy. I could see this not being a big deal in the regular season, but if there's any chance you can play in the playoffs, you have to play. Look at Alfie's injury in the 2008 playoffs. He was supposed to be out for 3-4 months. He returned after three weeks because the Sens were down 2-0 in the series. Did it end up helping? No. But it showed the heart Alfie has towards helping his team win at all costs.

Sundin's departure from Toronto left me on a sour note. He fully deserved a shot at the Cup, much like Alfredsson does. However, his comments posted a few posts up and what he actually did was, literally, 100% different. When the Sens were bankrupt, Alfie gave some of his pay back to the team so they could go pick up a rental player at the trade deadline.

For as much flack as the Sens got for consistently losing to the Leafs in the playoffs, the Leafs didn't live up to expectations, either. The furthest they got was the Eastern Conference Finals. I remember plenty of years where they were supposed to make the Cup Finals or win the Cup. At least Alfie and the Sens made it to the Stanley Cup Finals once, which was more than Sundin and the Leafs could say.

As for the Olympics, this is how I've always looked at it. Sundin was the face of Swedish hockey. He was a huge center with offensive skill who went #1. He had insane hype playing in the biggest Canadian market in the league. He has more points than any other Swedish player in the NHL. Lidstrom is a better player, and I see him as a better captain. But based on what I said, it's too hard not to make Sundin captain. This guy was the face of Swedish hockey.

Also, I'll add in: not meaning to dismiss Sundin of anything he's done in his career. He was an elite player. I think Alfredsson was a better leader.

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