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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
While I would prefer him to stay in the OHL for this season, his skating defficiencies are getting a little overblown. He needs to work on his first four steps but his skating is definitely passible at the NHL level right now as he is probably faster than Cammalleri, Ryder, Latendresse, Ribeiro etc. (picking on the ex habs).

That being said, he will only make slight improvements over a summer in this area. It is a cumulative effort over multiple seasons to make significant gains in speed. I think some people on here treat a players attributes like they would in NHL13........
Well I am only basing my opinion on what I have seen from him personally, not anything else. His acceleration is poor, this is a fact. His acceleration is worse than a lot of players in the WJC in fact.

This becomes a problem for when jumping to the NHL. Now, Gally has the ability to slow down the game quite well, this will help. However, he is still a puck possession player and his lack of acceleration is going to make his bread and butter (stickhanding and shiftyness) MUCH harder to accomplish in the NHL. If you take out or diminish his bread and butter, his value definitely goes down because his whole game is literally tied to that attribute.

Everything is faster in the NHL, you have less time to make every play. If you are already behind the ball on explosiveness, this is going to hurt.

It's not a huge cause for concern though, it can be improved. Hossa had similar problems when he first started in the NHL. But I just don't think he is quite ready yet.

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